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Live Admin - Compare all products

There are 3 different types of LiveAdmin, Hosted, Standalone and Lite. Hosted version is hosted by us and no installation would be necessary at your end. Just a simple insert of a few HTML codes on your pages will make it up and running.

Standalone version is the same product we hosted, but installable at your own hosting space.

LiveAdmin Lite is the Free version of standalone, installable at your own hosting space and can be used for personal or commercial proposes at no charge.

Comparison chart for all
Live Admin versions
LiveAdmin Hosted LiveAdmin Standalone LiveAdmin Lite Free
Installation Required No Yes Yes
Monitor site visitors Yes Yes Yes
Keep track of chat logs Yes Yes Yes
Internal chat for agents (admins) Yes Yes Yes
Draft of messages for each agent Yes Yes Yes
Dual access level (root and agent) Yes Yes Yes
Custom chat button graphic Yes Yes Yes
Chat transcript by email Yes Yes Yes
Extra fields in client side chat Yes Yes Yes
Multi Language Yes Yes Yes
Maximum agents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Visitors geographic location Yes Optional No
Auto invite visitors to chat Yes Yes No
Manually invite a visitor to chat Yes Yes No
Have different departments Yes Yes No
Transfer chat to another agent Yes Yes No
Performance graphs and statistics Yes Yes No
Customized news visible by agents Yes Yes No
Price $49.00 / Year $99.90 Free